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October 25, 2022

Dual Diploma Student Clubs

Dual Diploma Student Clubs

Do you want to belong to a High School Club like the ones they talk about in US series and movies? We are sure belonging to one of the following clubs could be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other students over common interests while diversifying your learning experience.


The first club is the Social Media Club.  As a member of this club, you will post regularly to various social platforms used by the Dual Diploma Program (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) about high-interest topics such as Sports, Fashion, Travel, Music, Movies &TV, Books, etc. This will allow many of our Dual Diploma students to find a topic they relate to and participate in the online community.  Members of the Social Media Club will meet on a monthly basis with their club sponsor.   

The second club is the Newspaper Club.  Are you looking to improve your writing skills while also expressing your opinion? If so, this is the club for you! Students in this club will have the opportunityto publish a formal Dual Diploma Newspaper.  From creative fiction stories toglobal news and reviews, you drive the direction of the newspaper with guidance from your sponsors.  The Newspaper Club will meet once a month with their clubs ponsors. In addition, you will commit to writing one article or creative writing piece per semester for the publication.  


The third club is the Photography Club.  Are you looking to improve your photography skills and build a working portfolio? If so, this is the club for you! Students in this club will have the opportunity to learn how to use composition techniques as well as how to manipulate light to produce appealing photographs. Although we will be learning how to use a DSLR camera, it is not necessary to own one to participate in the club. A mobile phone is sufficient to practice the learned techniques. The Photography Club will meet once a month with their club sponsor. In addition, you will commit to creating a working digital portfolio full of images you have created using techniques learned during the meetings. 


The fourth club is the Cooking/Baking Club. Chefs and bakers wanted! If you have a passion for cooking and baking, or are interested in learning more and expanding your culinary skills, join the Cooking/Baking Club!This club will meet once a month. Meetings will alternate between trying a new cooking or baking recipe together, and then having a meeting to share and discuss recipes while viewing new techniques! This is a great chance to explore your sweet or savory side and share your culinary enthusiasm with other students in Dual Diploma.  


The fifth club is the Book Club. Do you love reading? Are you the type of person that loves adventure or discovering new worlds? If you answered yes, The Book Club is just the place for you. The Book Club brings together students from all over the world to discuss a chosen book. We work together to foster a global community through reading books and having lively discussions about the selected book. The Book Club hopes to expand members’ personal literary experience by reading and discussing books chosen by the students. The club provides an open and friendly atmosphere where students can develop a lifelong appreciation of books, reading, and learning. Members of the Book Club will need to purchase up to 3 books throughout the year as the club decides which books to read. This extracurricular club will meet once per month.