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February 14, 2023

Interview with one of our Dual Diploma students on Concepts of Engineering and Technology

Interview with one of our Dual Diploma students on Concepts of Engineering and Technology

Why did you choose this elective?


It sounded as one of the most interesting electives to me and I’m also very interested in engineering and overall in sciences.


Did you like the way the content was structured? Could you tell us a little bit about it?


I like the way the content is structured. There are different modules and there is one bigger topic for each of them and then there are lessons for subjects that are located in this topic. Modules are for example programming, quantum technology or simulations.


What type of students do you think this elective is for?


I think that Engineering is for everyone, you don’t need any pre-knowledge to complete the course. But I think you should be interested in the topic of engineering or overall in sciences. Otherwise it could get boring or just not interesting but I think that applies to every elective.


Are there any ethical questions that you had the opportunity to reflecton?


We once discussed when a human is still a human, so what can be changed, e.g. with technology.


What was the most valuable knowledge you think you have extracted from this elective?


I think that Engineering has a lot of parts and that there are so many different kinds of engineers, Aeronautic Engineers, Chemical Engineers or Safety Engineers are just a few of them. Furthermore, there is a lot of responsibility on engineers.


Has this elective motivated you to become an engineer in the future?


No, not that Ithink. But I always wanted to become an Astro-Physicist since I was in 5th grade. It’s more that I chose the topic because of this interest.