14. May 2024

The fascinating electives available at Academica Dual Diplomaᵀᴹ


Tired of always being offered the same electives at your German school? Apart from an immersive English-learning experience, Academica Dual DiplomaTM offers a variety of fascinating subjects that will broaden your academic experience and help you acquire unique sets of skills for your personal and educational development. Here is an overview of our electives:

Life Management Skills:
In this course, students will learn essential strategies and practical skills needed to navigate and manage various life challenges effectively. The course includes topics like goal setting and effective time management, fostering healthy habits, developing stress management techniques, making informed decisions, exploring careers and hobbies, and navigating the digital world in your daily life.

In this course, students will explore the field of criminology or the study of crime. In doing so, students will look at possible explanations for crime from psychological, biological, and sociological standpoints, explore the various types of crime and their consequences for society, and investigate how crime and criminals are handled by the criminal justice system.

College Entrance Exam Prep:
Students who are serious about applying to colleges and universities in the United States have the option to take a College Entrance Exam Prep course for their Elective.This is strictly a test prep course that will cover practice thinking strategies, build verbal competence, and mathematics reasoning.

Digital Photography:
In this course, students will learn creative photographic skills and processes. Students will build a portfolio of work and explore the fields of photography and graphic arts.

Concepts of Engineering & Technology:
In this course, you’ll be exploring the various fields of this occupation, its history, the important role it plays in human life, and the ethical issues related to engineering and technology.

Public Speaking & Journalism:
In this course, students will learn how to write and deliver great speeches. Students will watch and analyze speeches and explore techniques for becoming effective public speakers. This course will also focus on journalism, including the principles of journalism, and how to become a good journalist.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the sub-fields within psychology.

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